Here is a brief outline of the process involved in preparing and presenting your Statement of Advice.


Congratulations on getting your Statement of Advice developed!

You are another step closer to reaching financial freedom. As you continue to pass landmarks on your path to financial security you should celebrate each milestone, getting your Statement of Advice is one of those.

Your Statement of Advice requires a team of professionals with years of experience (plus the dedication to keep the knowledge up to date) working together to develop a comprehensive financial plan.

Here are just some of the steps involved in developing your Statement of Advice.

To ensure the whole team is across your financial situation and your financial goals, your financial advisor will sit down with the team directly after your discovery appointment.

In this initial team strategy meeting, with your long-term financial security in mind, we will refine the strategies touched upon in your discovery appointment. For the team, it means the various tasks will be allocated to ensure that your Statement of Advice is developed and presented in a timely manner.

In your discovery appointment and your Client Data Snapshot, you would have provided estimates of your financial world such as savings, budgets, superannuation and existing debts.

In order to be certain of your financial world, our team will gather the specific information from a variety of third-party sources once you’ve signed the notice to obtain.

Doing this allows us to develop strategies and recommendation with the utmost accuracy in your Statement of Advice, whilst, adhering to internal and external compliance regulations.

After the data is collected, your financial advisor will sit down with the associate advisors and paraplanners to finely tune your strategies and recommendations. In this stage of the process, we will continue to assess alternatives to ensure you’re getting the best product for your needs.

In this stage it is important that we have all the relevant documentation to create the strategy, this includes The Budget Calculator and any additional documentation we requested after your Discovery Appointment.

It is in this phase that adjustments are made to the plan that may have occurred since the initial data was obtained throughout the collection process. We understand that things in life can happen outside of our control and we are ready to make adjustments to the plan as required.

Once the strategies and recommendations have been finalised your Statement of Advice document is developed. This document details all aspects of your financial plan which will be presented at your Statement of Advice presentation.

Your advisor will sit down with you and present the plan. All aspects of the Statement of Advice will be discussed and explained to ensure you understand how you’ll be able to achieve a more secure financial future.

Once your Statement of Advice is presented, you’ll be able to ask your experienced financial advisor any questions regarding any elements of your journey to financial freedom.

The next stage in your journey to financial freedom is started by proceeding either in full or in part to the recommendations outlined in the Statement of Advice. Once you do this you’ll be able to relax knowing that you’re one step closer to financial freedom!