We often get asked questions like these when it comes to preparing and presenting the Statement of Advice. 

Firstly, take a moment to commend yourself for taking the next step to a more secure financial future. Secondly, please ensure you return The Budget Calculator as soon as possible. Also, please notify the team if there is any change in your circumstances as this could delay the Statement of Advice.
Bring yourself/your partner and any questions you may have about your financial future. Another common thing that is brought to the meetings is the details of the nominated beneficiaries.

The commitment fee covers only part of the costs involved in developing the Statement of Advice document such as intellectual property, research, data collections, team strategy meetings, operating and compliance costs.

The commitment fee also lets us know that you are serious about improving your financial future and that you’re ready to take action. These are two common traits shared by our most successful clients.

The Statement of Advice presentation will cover a range of topics relating to your financial future and current situation. It will also reconfirm your objectives, the strategies and recommendations of the document, outline the agreed upon service level as well as the key MWS values and the implementation process.

Yes, at the end of the presentation we ask that you make a decision.
The most common decision that is made is proceeding in full with the recommendations outlined in the Statement of Advice.

The second most common option is proceeding in part, in this option, it means that you are knowingly not proceeding with the full range of recommendations.

Like in life there are things outside of our control and sometimes these can impact our development of the Statement of Advice.

Common things that can delay the Statement of Advice are:

  • Incorrect account details e.g. if your name has changed
  • Changes in circumstances between the initial meeting and your SOA presentation
  • Delay in returning The Budget Calculator

We understand that things change and if something changes between the initial discovery appointment and the statement of advice presentation, big or small, just tell a member of the team and we can make adjustments to the plan where needed.

Numerous staff work days on the development of the Statement of Advice and some plans can take upwards of 30 man hours. Also included in the time to prepare the plan is the years it has taken the team to build the knowledge and keep this knowledge up to date to bring these strategies to our clients.